Library Services

Circulation Service

The GU Library offers effective book/resource borrowing services to its users, including students, researchers, faculty, and management that may vary based on their membership category (defined in section: Book Borrowing Privilege). It is mandatory to keep student ID cards or library cards for the successful borrowing of resources at the library circulation counter. Moreover, the library’s system updates its users regarding borrowing through frequent renewal and late notices.

Borrowing Services

GIFT University Library provides effective borrowing services to the GU community, and following the copyright policy facilitates its students, researchers, faculty, and staff with the information resources for a predefined time limit. Whereas library users can view reference materials like reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesis, reports, and the final year projects within library premises. Following are the book borrowing details as per category:

Book Borrowing Privilege




Undergraduate Students

2 books

14 Days

Graduate & Post Graduate

6 books

14 Days

Deans/ Associate Professors/ Professors/ Asstt. Professors and Lecturers

20 books

120 Days (One Semester)

Management Staff

4 books

14 Days

Borrowing Rules

The library users will avoid damaging library resources, such as marking or writing, underlining any library book, periodical. The library authority will charge a fine in case of Disruption or violation or will ask the user to compensate for the loss of library resources as per policy.

  • It is mandatory to check the books and report any defect at the time of borrowing resources or bring into the knowledge of library circulation staff to avoid inconvenience; otherwise, a user shall remain liable to the loss.
  • After consulting the required reading, leave books on the table, please do not re-shelve.

Library Fines

GU Library follows and implements a fine policy on its users to promote optimum utilization of resources, timely return, and renewal of resources, and to ensure efficient distribution of material. To avoid fines/ overdue charges, the library encourages users to return borrowed material timely to the library before or on the due date. If the user fails to return the library resources within fixed time/ due dates, then the fine will be charged accordingly.

  • Overdue fine on General Books: Rs.10 per book per day.
  • In case of lost or damaged library resources, the library management will charge the student with fine three times the current price of the item.


On completion of the degree, the students must get clearance from the University’s Library.

Reference Service

The GIFT University Library and its well-experienced library staff facilitate its users and researchers by providing them recommended resources, guidelines to use print and e-resources according to their needs. The library help desk also plays its role in facilitating its users with the basic reference facility.

ILP (Information Literacy Program)

The library offers the Information Literacy Program to optimize the maximum use of library resources and research tools like Turnitin, Endnote, SPSS, and the use of diverse online databases by giving practical training sessions, in-class sessions, workshops, and seminars on functional programming of research tools.

InterLibrary Loan

The Inter-Library Loan service of GIFT Library facilitates its users by approaching national libraries of different institutes to access unavailable resources (print or e-resource) for a specific time.

DDS (Document Delivery Service)

GIFT University Library provides Document Delivery Services (DDS) for its faculty and students to meet the need for research and academic pursuits. GIFT University Library follows InterLibrary Loan policy to keep repositories updated in the case of unavailability of any research journal, article, or book. This service ensures the availability of the latest publication and delivers it through email or any other electronic medium. If it’s difficult for the user to locate any required reading material, feel free to write to us at: ( We will seek to retrieve your requested document and answer within 24 hours. This program is to assist researchers in their research process by providing support such as:

  • Facilities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Scanning
  • HEC Digital Library/ Internet Lab
  • Table of Content Service (TOC)

Table of Contents (TOCs) is an essential feature, among other resource services, that intends to keep its users up-to-date with the latest research publications. It is designed to provide new articles, journals, magazines, and research publications as per faculty’ and researchers’ interest in print or an electronic form. Please write us at the given email to avail e-copy of resources (

Library Orientation

The library facilitates its users with various Information Literacy Program to make optimal use of library resources and services. Library also enables the users to master and practice different research tools such as SPSS, Turnitin, EndNote, and other electronic repositories by conducting seminars, awareness sessions, in-class orientation, and practical teachings. Following are the prominent services for community’s facilitation:

  • (RAS) Reader Advisory Services
  • (OLST) Online Literature Searching Techniques
  • (CMT) Citations Management Tools (Endnote, Mendeley)
  • Turnitin: How to avoid Plagiarism
  • Research Topics Selection for new Researchers
  • Plagiarism Check & Publication Support, how to Publish and Where to Publish