What are the library operating hours?

The library is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

How do I get a library membership card?

Your university ID card is your library card. You can borrow the books by presenting the university card. 

How can I locate library books?

To locate a library book and other resources, use our Online Catalog available at catalog.gift.edu.pk. You can also contact our circulation desk staff for learning how to search and locate a book.

How do I borrow library books?

To borrow books take them with your ID Card to the circulation desk. Our staff would facilitate the lending process.

How many books I can issue from the library?

You can borrow the books as per the following:





Undergraduate Students 

2 Books

14 Days


Graduate & Post Graduate Students 

6 Books

14 Days


Deans/ Associate Professors/ Professors/Assistant Professors/Lecturers 

20 Books

120 Days (One Semester)


Management Staff

4 Books

14 Days



How do I know what I have borrowed?

Using online catalog (catalog.gift.edu.pk), you can login using your valid user id and password and check the details. 


How can I renew borrowed books?

If someone has not reserved or requested the book(s) you have borrowed, you can renew twice by asking staff at circulation desk in library.

How do I check the due date(s) of issued books?

Using online catalog (catalog.gift.edu.pk) you can login using your valid user id and password and check the details. You may contact library staff for further assistance.

Is it necessary to show ID card while returning the books?

No, you can return the library materials without showing the ID card.

What happens if I return a book late?

A fine Rs. 10 per day will be charged, your transcript/degree clearance may be suspended till you clear out the dues.

What happens if I lose a book?

You will be responsible to replace the book, otherwise you will be charged three times the current price of the book along with an overdue fine.

What happens if I damage library materials?

You will be charged recorded cost of the resource/material plus 10% administrative cost and the standard overdue fine up to the date.

How I can access online resources?

Browse the library website>HEC Digital Library>Available Resources 


How Can I access Online Resources from out of campus?

Online resources are accessible only via IP-based connections within the library. If you require assistance, don’t hesitate to email your query to library@git.edu.pk. Library staff will promptly respond to your inquiry.

What are the specific requirements to acquire the electronic material?

Access to electronic materials is facilitated through the HEC Digital Library, which operates on an IP-based system. If you’re unable to visit the library, you can submit your request via email to library@gift.edu.pk including details such as the title, author, and year of the desired e-book or article. Our library staff will promptly attend to your request and provide the necessary assistance.


Are there any group study/meeting spaces available in GU library?

Yes, 3 learning commons GROW 1, GROW 2, and GROW 3 are available for group study. A minimum number of six students can reserve a room. Make sure you have read and understood the guidelines for using learning commons. The commons are booked for 1 hour and can be renewed based on the availability and if there are no other reservation requests in queue.

How I can reserve the learning common?

Click Here to reserve the Learning Commons with the assistance of our library staff.