GIFT University Gujranwala Library is a cross-disciplinary library devised to facilitate the information needs of the university community, including faculty, researchers, students, and the University staff. GU library owns an extensive collection of print & electronic assets. The collection of resources focuses on fostering both scholarly pursuits and research purposes for academic excellence. The library is facilitating the users with more than 20,000 print books and 190,000 e-books that are accessible through the HEC Digital library. Moreover, the GU library has access to more than ten international databases. The library staff is a team of well-experienced professional and para-professional staff managing the library adequately. They are highly innovative in the provision of quality service.


GU Library aims to equip students, researchers, and faculty with comprehensive resources and services to assist them in learning, teaching, and research, as per the need of the GIFT University. We endeavor for perfection and brilliance in facilities, directives, and structuring of collections. The GIFT University Library encourages a culture of wide-ranging inquiry and supports the University’s mission to determine, reservation, and disseminate knowledge and creative expression.


GU Library is established on a vision to facilitate its students, teachers, and researchers with updated information and knowledge to produce definitive research work.

Director Library Message

The only fundamental commodity for a better, safer, and prosperous society is knowledge. The present modern era highlights the importance of the knowledge that marks contemporary human culture, knowledge-based economy, and community. Being repositories for information management, the libraries are significant stakeholders in the process of information development and transmission, creativity, and dissemination. With its transitory existence, the ever-growing volume of knowledge has made the position of libraries more essential and useful. Libraries not only serve as repositories and knowledge archives but also share information with users to stay connected to the academic arena.

The GIFT University Library aims to deliver online and offline quality library services like research, innovation, creation of knowledge, and accomplishment of academic programs of the university. I look forward to meeting you in person or virtually and will welcome your queries, feedback, and suggestions.