Self-Institutional Performance Evaluation (Self IPE)

As per the requirement of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) – GIFT University, organized a Self-Institutional Performance Evaluation (Self IPE) of the University on June 22nd -23rd, 2022. The main purpose of Self IPE was to review the existing academic, administrative, quality assurance systems and infrastructure of the university. And to identify areas of improvement – to make recommendations or suggestions for any occurring shortcomings. 

The review panel consisted of Mr. Awais Umar Nawaz (Director QEC GIFT University), Prof. Dr. Amer Aziz (Director QEC UET Lahore), Ms. Sarah Nasir (Assistant Manager QEC GIFT University) and Mr. Mubeen Anwar (Assistant Manager QEC GIFT University). The panel reviewed the University’s systems and processes based on the criteria and standards set by HEC. Various meetings were also held with Deans & HoDs, Faculty members, Administrative Heads, and Students to assess how the systems and processes are being actually implemented.

The panel also visited Faculty and Administrative offices, Classrooms, Library, Labs, and Cafeteria. At the end of the session, an exit meeting was conducted with Prof. Dr. Shahid Qureshi (Rector GIFT University) in which the panel briefed the Rector about its observations.